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Something fun is



Kin is home, 2.0

Kin is an all-ages flexible venue made to include everyone you want to be with rain or shine; morning, noon, and night. Kin is more than a tap room, it's a rec room, a public living room, a party venue, and a life-as-it-is venue.   

We can't wait to be    your happy place.   

Retro Microphone


Kin is where to go when there's nowhere to go.  Come as you are, stay as you are, whoever you are.  We like backyards, we like living rooms, we like you - we aim to bring those things together.  Come hang out with us, get out of the house, make a friend, order a pizza, play some lawn games, and we've got you covered at the bar.  Kin is an indoor backyard and tap room where you're welcome to bring food, kids, friends, and kin.

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