When will you open?
Due to COVID-19 our timeline is now uncertain. Kin was always designed to be a clean, minimalist, open, and airy space that did not feel or function like a germ farm, but our concept is all about things that are risky right now: an indoor venue for all ages to gather. While we realize many people feel safe gathering indoors with social distancing at this point, the likelihood for an increase in spread this Winter are Fall make it a good time for us to wait-and-see while we hope you are safe, healthy, and ready to join us when this shifts.
What will it be like?
Kin will feel like your backyard.  It's a space where kids can do their own thing and play with or without you nearby.
Do you supervise the children?
No.  This is an important clarification we want to be open about.  Our staff will intervene (or ask you to) if we observe something unsafe but you are responsible for the children you bring to Kin.
Can I rent the space?
Most likely. We're still tinkering with layout ideas for an event room that can be reserved.  We'll also offer reserved seating and private events are a possibility.
Will there be events?
Definitely.  We'll host events and groups geared towards families - new parent groups in the morning, dance parties on weekends, story times, pajama parties, etc.  If you are interested in partnering with us to offer programming, please email hello@kintapandrec.com
Did you say full bar?
Sort of. We'll have a full liquor license but will have a limited cocktail menu to start.  We'll have beer, wine, cider, coffee, tea and some rotating special offerings.
What will your hours be?
Kin will open for coffee and tea service at 8 am 7 days a week, the full bar service hours will be set by the licensing commission and our closing time is TBD.
What can we eat there?
Whatever you want! While our food offerings will be minimal we are working to establish pop ups and food truck offerings.  Regardless, bring your own take out, snacks, leftovers or anything!  Deliveries are welcome.
Is Kin an allergen free space?
Unfortunately, no. As a mom with gluten, tree nut, and shellfish allergies in the family, this matters to me and the need to be honest about this is important.  No matter what, allowing outside food means relinquishing control of allergens so we cannot make any guarantees for people with severe allergies.