Bar Offerings

Tap and Rec Room


Kin will have 15 beverages on tap at all times We will offer the following beverages on tap:


  • 2 white wines

  • 2 red wines

  • 1 rose

  • 1 bubbly


  • 2 ciders


  • 3 static beers

  • 3 rotating beers


  • Cold brew

Kin will also offer coffee and espresso based beverages and water bottle filling station.

Hungry?  Pull up your favorite app and order from wherever you want and have it delivered right to our door.

Kin's amenities are designed to make guests of all ages feel safe, thought of, and included - not to mention happy! Many of those alterations are about what we omitted as much as about what we added.  Here's what we're planning on:

A family dance floor

Couches and ottomans in lieu of tables and chairs

A "crawlers' cove" area to keep the tinies safe 

Steel drinkware to avoid the chance of broken glass

Lawn games

Quiet hand dryers

A photobooth

Here's what we won't be offering:

Clutter-y toys (no legos, art supplies, ets)

Bright colors 

Bright lighting

Loud music